Let’s Talk Turf

  • July 17, 2018

If your pet is a regular guest at our facility, you may have noticed that we are turf free. We get asked the question often as to “why” we don’t install artificial turf in our runs and play yards. On the surface, it may look nicer and appear to function better than natural grass, but let’s dive into WHY Animal Crackers says “no” to artificial turf.

Artificial Turf Can Be Unsanitary

It goes without saying that artificial turf has to be cleaned on a regular basis - especially in a kennel. While dirt and water may easily rinse off with a power washer or simple hose, urine is a different story. Now multiply that by 100 dogs. When dogs at our kennel go outside, they are guaranteed a sanitary situation. If you’ve ever been to a facility with artificial turf, your nose may not be impressed - now think about your pet’s health.

Maintenance Costs Better Used Elsewhere

Because artificial turf has to be replaced on a regular basis due to the harsh smell, stains and lack of sanitization, why not use what Mother Nature gave us and better budget our expenses elsewhere? In saving on unsanitary artificial grass, we are able to enhance the experience each of our guests have while staying with us. We are able to completely revamp our suites, offer high-end grain free food at no expense to you, and more!

Our natural grass and rock play yards are unique to our boutique facility. We can guarantee sanitized spaces for our guests with our vast acreage of grass. What are your thoughts on artificial turf vs. natural grass?