July 4th Pet Safety Strategies

  • July 2, 2018

If your pets are anything like ours, you know that even at the quietest roll of thunder or flash of lightning, they’re running with their tails tucked for a safe spot!

As we start making our BBQ and pool party plans for the July 4th holiday, we can’t forget about our furry friends and their safety! While we are lighting fireworks and grilling under the stars, our pets need to feel comfortable and secure. Did you know that more pets escape and run away on this holiday more than any other day of the year? If you don’t take anything else from this post, remember our top recommendation - leave your fur babies at home! There is no better place than the comfort of their soft bed or blanket.

We have prepared helpful reminders and top tips to keep you pet healthy, safe and comfortable during this festive holiday.

Leave your fur baby at home

Your best bet on a holiday with fireworks? Leave your pet at home. There is nowhere your pet would rather be than the comfort of their favorite pillow, bed or blanket as they hear the pops of fireworks. Even if your pet is a social butterfly in the night-life scene or on a safe cul-de-sac street, indoors is the best place for them. With fireworks popping, and table scraps being dropped, there’s no telling what Fido could get into.

Crank up some distraction

There is nothing more frightening to our pets than the roll of thunder, and fireworks are certainly no different. Turn on Animal Planet or Secret Life of Pets to drown out the noise while you enjoy your night out! Nothing worse than coming home to the mess left from an anxious or scared puppy.

Keep the alcoholic beverages away from your pets

It goes without saying that alcoholic drinks are bad and potentially toxic for your pet. Trust us on this one. If there’s a spill, don’t call Fido to come lick up the mess.

Table scraps are your pet’s enemy

While the occasional table scrap may be a luxurious treat for your fur baby, we recommend steering clear. You may know what is good or bad for your pet, but friends or family may not.

If your pets ingest fireworks, call your vet or local animal hospital immediately!