How large are your runs?

We have 81 indoor/outdoor runs that vary on both wings. We have our regular size runs which are smaller on the inside but larger on the outside, our medium sized runs, and our large breed runs which are perfect for larger dog breeds or multiple pets.

How often do the dogs go outside?

The answer varies based on the weather and the dog's age. All dogs are let out at 5:45 for at least 15 minutes then for a longer length of time every 3-4 hours if weather permits. On hot or rainy days, dogs will go out for less time, but more often. 

What type of food do you feed?

We feed Fromm Chicken and Rice.

What about my dog's medication?

We make sure your dog gets the medication they need, when they need it! To insure this, each dog that has his/her own medication is given slips with the amount and times to be given that each kennel technician must sign off own daily. 

What Vaccinations are required?

We require Bordetella and Rabies shots.

Do you offer grooming services?

Of course! We have a full grooming shop that offers everything from scissor trims and clipper work, to nail grinding  and anal glands. Come see what our expert groomers can do for you today!

Do you have an outdoor yard for dogs to play in?

We have 3 large paddocks that are all green grass that are used for our dog play areas.

Do you offer a military discount?

Yes, we offer a 10% military discount.

Do you offer Day Care on the weekend?

No, at this time day care is just Monday - Friday.