Stay Safe. Stay Comfortable.

A home away from home for your pet

You love being around your dog but every once in while you need to go somewhere or do something and you need someone to take care of your dog for you. At Animal Crackers Dog Boarding we offer professional dog boarding at our spacious facilities so you can rest assured that your dog is safe, having a good time and being properly taken care of while you are away.

Our check in and checkout times are similar to hotels. You will be charged for the day of arrival, regardless of check in time. If you pick up your pet before 3:00pm, you will not be charged for that day. If you have any grooming service scheduled for day of pickup, the 3pm pickup time will not apply.

Call 281-379-3647 to learn more about reservations and availability.



$25/day per dog.



$27/day per dog.



$28/day per dog.


*All rates include medication and feedings.

Drop off and Pick up times:

8am - 3pm

Drop off and Pick up times:

8am - 3pm

Additional Services:

Playtime $7 each 15 minute session

Raw Buffalo Bone $4.50



Our indoor suites are recommended for large dogs or muti-dog families that need the individualized attention that only being indoors can bring. Suites are large rooms, varying in size, perfect for the dog accustomed to mostly indoor living. Dogs enjoy numerous outdoor activities, with a variety of toys offered for stimulation between outside playtimes.


38.50/per dog/per day


Are groom room kennels are recommended for small, sensitive dogs or dogs that need extra attention. This option is also a great choice for older dogs. Kennels are located in the groom room, with plus bedding provided. They will also enjoy numerous outside activities.


$28/per dog/per day